This high iron tea is amazing for increasing absorption

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It’s no secret that iron is a necessary nutrient to support a healthy and happy body. The mineral is notable for creating red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. It is also a superstar for supporting cognition and even helping in the growth of hair, skin and nails, giving all three parts of the body a “natural glow” and rosy luster.

But these benefits can only occur when our bodies actually absorb the right amount of iron. In the last episode of Herbal, Registered Herbalist and Health Coach Rachelle Robinett explains that before increasing your iron intake, you need to make sure your body is able to absorb it in the first place. “Absorption is a very important piece of the puzzle to consider when looking to supplement and improve our nutrient levels,” Robinett explains. “If we don’t absorb the supplements we take or the foods we eat, we aren’t going to see a change in our levels.”

Want to make sure your absorption levels are all right? Start by drinking this delicious herbal tea which will provide you with a lot of natural benefits, all guaranteed to support the way your body absorbs nutrients.

Watch Robinett transform a garden filled with delicious herbs, like nettle leaves, alfalfa and thyme, into a divine herbal blend that you can drink hot or iced. In addition to iron, which is naturally found in whole herbs, tea is rich in vitamin C, which Robinett says is a game-changer and improves absorption throughout our digestive system. “Gut health, in general, is very important for absorption,” she says. “One of the reasons we love nettle so much is that it is high in iron and vitamin C.”

It’s not just herbs, there’s also Floradix® Iron + Herbs ($ 48) (a gluten-free vegan supplement that gives 10 milligrams of your daily dose per serving), sweet molasses for selenium and copper, and a zest of lemon for a tangy boost of vitamin C. “It’s so aromatic, a little bit sweet and it smells of the garden,” Robinett says, enjoying a cup. “It’s definitely a tea you can drink all day, every day.”

Boost your absorption levels and make sure your iron levels are at their best. Get the full recipe for this superb herbal infusion in the full video.

High iron tea for absorption

¼ cup nettle leaf
¼ cup of red clover
¼ cup red raspberry leaf
¼ cup alfalfa
¼ cup dandelion leaf
10 ml Floradix® Iron + Herbs
Sprigs of thyme, parsley and / or spearmint
Lemon juice and zest
Molasses to taste, optional
32 ounces filtered boiling water
Mason jar or large glass pitcher

1. Combine the herbs in a pitcher or large mason jar.

2. Pour boiling water over the ingredients and cover.

3. Let it steep for at least four hours or up to 12 hours / night to allow the minerals to completely extract from the herbs.

4. Filter, add Floradix® Iron + Herbs to your cup, garnish and enjoy.

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