Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Shares His Favorite Brotriton Fitness Supplements – Exclusive


Reality TV is no longer Mike’s only concert “The Situation” Sorrentino. Today, the reality TV star has several businesses outside of MTV, including her line of fitness supplements. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with Sorrentino exclusively about Brotrition, his line of fitness supplements. Find out what Sorrentino’s favorite products are and what “The Situation” loves most about sharing fitness with their fans.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino | Brotrition

Mike Sorrentino prioritizes his sobriety and fitness

Going to the gym has always been part of the guido lifestyle. More than that, fans of the original Jersey Shore find out what transformation Sorrentino has undergone in the way he treats his body after a workout.

After years of battling drug and alcohol addiction, Sorrentino has now been sober for over five years. Sorrentino thanks his loving and supportive wife, Lauren Sorrentino, for helping him lead a sober life.

In 2019, Sorrentino went to jail for eight months. Contrary to popular belief, Sorrentino’s jail time did the opposite of pushing him back. After his release, the Sorrentinos worked to found a family. Additionally, “The Situation” dived into several other business ventures in the fitness arena in order to demonstrate the words he lives by: “The return is always greater than the reverse.”

“Jersey Shore” Actor “The Situation” Offers Fans With Brotrition Fitness Supplements

Now, Jersey Shore fans can get the same pump as “Big Daddy Sitch”. Brotrition is Sorrentino’s line of protein and pre-workout supplements for those looking to ‘live their best life’.

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“For years, I worked hard to maintain a healthy physique and even became known the world over for my ‘Situation Abs’,” Sorrentino shares on the Brotrition website. “In addition to staying diligent with my training program, I also have a supplement routine that I use daily.”

Brotrition’s current offerings include pre-workout, BCAAs, and protein isolates. Of course, there is a Funfetti flavor!

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino shares his favorite Brotrition products with us

With such a diverse lineup of workout supplements, Showbiz had to ask the reality TV star what her favorites are. “My favorite product is Brofettis Brotein, which is a birthday cake flavored protein,” Sorrentino tells us. “I have it every day after my workout.”

This isn’t the only Brotrition product that Sorrentino is passionate about right now. “I also like the BDS Grenade pre-workout formula,” he adds. This is another product that “The Situation” uses every day before training. Sorrentino’s pre-workout is coming Jersey Shore-inspired flavors like Rainbow Italian Ice.

“I love to share my brand, Brotrition, with the world and with anyone who wants to get or stay fit and lead healthier lives,” Sorrentino adds. “It’s definitely a great situation.”

Mike ‘The Situation’ Brings Workout Videos For ‘Jersey Shore’ Fans

In addition, Sorrentino also offers a workout subscription service. “Join Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino on his fitness journey as he sculpts, defines and builds for the ultimate comeback,” the website read.

Sorrentino subscribers get access to new workouts every week. Each workout is developed and led by the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Star. The cost of a subscription starts at $ 40 per month, which gives fans access to 12 workouts without a contract.

As Sorrentino mentions in the episode “Pandemic Fatigue” of the Here is the Sitch podcast, the workouts last about two hours each. “You can train with me live every week [and do] exactly what I do, ”says Sorrentino.

If that sounds a bit too much, Lauren mentions that they also offer mid-level workouts. There really is something for all fitness levels.

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