Best LED masks 2021 – tested: SwearBy Skin to Cellreturn


Here is the trap. It was the most uncomfortable mask to wear. It has a strong, adjustable band that we never managed to position so that it doesn’t hurt our head or knock the mask off. There are no eye holes so you are just staring at bright lights and therefore you must wear protective glasses (included in the box) when using the iDerma. These are far from comfortable either. You must also be connected to the mains at all times. However, judging by the fact that you can’t see when wearing it, staying near an outlet isn’t too much of a problem.

The upside is that a single treatment takes eight minutes, rather than the standard ten, so at least you don’t wear the mask for as long as possible.

Advantages: Dramatic impact on fine lines and wrinkles; short processing time

The inconvenients: Bulky; uncomfortable; on sector

Price: £ 335 | Check price on Stress No More

Priori Mask Unveiled

Flexible silicone mask that delivers decent skin care results

Lighting parameters: Red / Near infrared | Weight: 200g (350g with power supply) | Power: Rechargeable battery via power supply

If it weren’t for the garish – and a little terrifying – design on the front of the Priori UnveiLED Mask (£ 340), it would be an almost identical match for the Current Body model. They are the same size with the same velcro based strap design. They offer the same mix of ten minute red and near infrared treatments, and their cost is similar.

In our mirror skin analysis, very few separated their results in terms of redness and pigmentation improvement, with Current Body taking over. Over the weeks Current Body retreated in terms of the improvement we have seen in our skin, but without the smart mirror we may not have visibly noticed this.

While we’re unlikely to wear this mask – or any LED mask for that matter – as a fashion accessory, we would go so far as to say this mask is ugly. To the point that our toddler refused to enter the room while we were carrying him. This is a minor complaint, and you’re unlikely to buy an LED mask for its aesthetics, but it’s worth noting.

We experienced a similar warm feeling when wearing the Priori mask as we did with the current body and this was made worse by the fact that the Priori mask was more uncomfortable to wear. It took us longer to get the strap location and tightness correct. That said, when we got it under control, the fit of the mask was good.

We had a similar issue with the weight of the power pack pulling on the mask while wearing it, and the Priori pack is bulkier and less comfortable to hold in the hand.

Advantages: Excellent for reducing redness and pigmentation; good fit when properly adjusted

The inconvenients: Ugly design; heavy battery

Price: £ 340 | Check price on Amazon | DermaCare Direct | Priority skin care

Anti-aging mask from laboratories No7

Comfortable and portable – just a little slow

Lighting parameters: Red / Near infrared | Weight: 175g (270g with power supply) | Power: Rechargeable battery via power supply

For a high-end brand, Boots’ No7 consistently exceeds its weight in terms of skin care splashbacks, and its No7 Laboratories Anti-Aging LED Mask (£ 150) is no exception.

Made of silicone, the No7 mask resembles those from Current Body and Priori in that it has eye and nose holes, it wraps around your face, and is held in place with the help of ‘an adjustable strap in fabric and velcro. It’s slightly firmer than its rivals, which means it still presses against your face, but only in key areas – your nose, cheeks, and forehead. There are no holes for the ears which makes it a bit uncomfortable, but the fabric strap is wider and more secure, so you don’t feel the need to pull it that tight. Rows of red and near infrared lights line the interior.

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